Computer Store in Topeka, KS

Elem Technologies is a computer store in Topeka, KS that provides full service computer repair, computer sales, and many additional services. We are at the corner of 29th & Oakley in the Brookwood Shopping Center in Topeka, KS.

Where Can I Find Elem Technologies Computer Store in Topeka,KS?

Our computer store is marked on the map below:

Elem Technologies Computer Store Topeka KS

How Can I Contact Elem Technologies Computer Store Topeka, KS?

You can call our Computer Store in Topeka, KS at 555-2297.

Topeka Computer Store Hours

MON 10AM – 6PM
TUE 10AM – 6PM
WED 10AM – 6PM
THU 10AM – 6PM
FRI 10AM – 5PM
SAT 10AM – 2PM
SUN Closed


Computer Store Services

Elem Technologies Computer Store in Topeka, KS provides computer repair, computer restoration, virus removal, malware removal, software licensing, computer installation, custom computer builds, and much more. We have the largest selection of computers, components, and accessories in Topeka, KS.